California Regulation Requires Asbestos Testing

Listen, if you are going to renovate or demolish a structure on your property, you should know that it likely contains some level of asbestos. When asbestos is trapped and sealed in building materials, it’s harmless. But when those materials break down with time, or you disturb them with renovation or demolition, they can be released into the air to be breathed in by workers, employees, customers or your family. Not good. That’s why California regulation requires asbestos testing anytime you plan to disturb or demolish significant quantities of any building material.


Asbestos Testing Protects Health

Forget all the laws and regulations. Asbestos is proven, beyond any shadow of doubt, to directly cause dire health problems, ranging from chronic respiratory issues to deadly mesothelioma. You don’t want to breath the deadly fibers in. Nor do you want to expose others to it. It could literally be a matter of life and death. So if you’re looking for a compelling reason to have asbestos testing done before you start tearing up flooring or knocking down walls in your home, you can stop reading now and call us (or someone) to conduct certified asbestos testing to protect your health and that of others.


Asbestos Testing Protects You From Potentially Costly Fines

When you hire a certified asbestos testing company to inspect and test your property for asbestos before renovation or demolition, you get a certified report that acts like insurance against thousands of dollars in potential fines and legal liability for workers and others who could be exposed to asbestos during and as a result of your project. You’re also further protected from regulators shutting down your project for unsafe conditions, which could also cost you dearly in lost time. Asbestos testing is one corner that it never makes sense to cut.


Questions? Call Us Anytime!

Rarefied Air experts are happy to answer any questions you have about asbestos testing regulations and requirements. We know the ropes, and we’re glad to help our customers and community protect people from unseen, deadly hazards that can arise when asbestos is released into the air for them to breathe. If you’re planning a renovation or demolition on your property, call us today. We’ll be happy to talk to you.


Law Requires Asbestos Testing for Most Renovations and Demolitions

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