Sewage Spill Testing Protects Your Family and Others

The aftermath of a sewage spill or flood water incursion can leave behind a variety of toxic and pathogenic contaminants, which makes sewage spill testing for contamination after any cleanup a good idea to protect your family and others from potential health risks.

Sewage Spills and Flood Waters Carry Nasty Contaminants

Flood waters carry all of the organic and chemical contaminants that were lying around before the waters rose. Dead animals, all kinds of animal feces and waste, fungi, bacteria, pesticides, cleaning chemicals and sewage all combine in flood waters to create a truly evil brew that can taint your property with serious health risks.

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for workers exposed to sewage specify active vaccination for tetanus, polio, typhoid fever, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. Other health and safety organizations recommend extensive personal protective equipment, including respirators to protect respiratory function in enclosed contaminated spaces where fumes and hazardous gasses can accumulate.

Sewage and Toxic Hazards Can Hide in Plain Sight

Bacteria and chemical contaminant residues can remain on and in porous surfaces and materials after even the most stringent cleanup. Chemicals soaked into building materials can evaporate and introduce potentially hazardous vapors and gasses into enclosed areas. Thorough, reliable environmental testing after sewage spills or flood water incursion is the best way to ensure that your cleanup efforts truly returned your property to a safely habitable condition.

Trust RarefiedAir for Sewage Spill Testing

If you’ve dealt with a sewage spill or floodwater incursion, make sure the cleanup really removed the potentially hazardous contaminants that could be left behind. Find out what you’re dealing with. Call Rarefied Air today, and breathe easier.

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