Curious as to whether or not your house has mold? Are you considering buying a house where you think mold may be present? Skeptical as to whether or not mold testing is a scam? Well, look no further, below we detail why mold testing is not a scam and why every potential homeowner/building tenant should have mold testing performed if they believe mold is present.

Here’s what you need to know about mold:

Mold is just that, mold. – No strains of mold are healthy. While some strains of mold are more toxic than others, none are healthy. All mold are remediated the same way.

Water infiltration – If a house is moldy, in many cases, water infiltration is the issue. When there are prolonged humidity levels over 60%, mold is very likely to remain present. Unless water and humidity problems are corrected, you may never get rid of the mold.

Killing mold is not the solution -You need to do more than simply kill the mold. Scrubbing away the mold growth is not enough. You need to replace wet materials and fix moisture problems.

Mold might not be the only issue – Leaks, poor drainage or foundation problems may be present. Mold growth can often signify bigger repair issues that require addressing. In many instances, the needed repairs generally supersede the presence of mold. Don’t be scared into paying top dollar for unnecessary testing or remediation.

Wondering whether or not you need mold testing? Here are 8 reasons why you may need a mold inspection:

8 reasons why you may need a mold inspection

  1. You are suffering from allergic symptoms, like a stuffy head, headache, scratchy throat, or runny nose.
  2. You see something that looks like mold, but aren’t sure that it is mold.
  3. You smell musty odors, but don’t see anything that looks to be obvious mold.
  4. Pre-existing plumbing leaks or water issues in your home or office.
  5. You require mold testing in your home or office after mold removal has been performed to verify whether or not mold levels have been normalized.
  6. You require evidence as to whether airborne mold levels are not normalized, as a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction,
  7. You need evidence as to whether or not there is a mold problem, as a landlord or tenant.
  8. You want to ensure your family is breathing high quality clean air in your home and are looking for a general assessment of your indoor air quality.

When it comes to mold testing, make sure to contact a qualified and professional mold testing company like Rarefied Air Environmental. Contact us today for quote!


Is Mold Testing a Scam?