California Asbestos Laws Have Teeth.

And they will take a serious bite out of your bank balance if you fail to comply. We want to provide you access to clear, accurate information regarding California asbestos laws, asbestos risks and legal requirements for property owners. Our content and the resources we identify are aimed at protecting you, your family and your home or business from real physical danger, as well as legal and financial liability.

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California Department of Industrial Relations provides this list of asbestos construction and demolition statute and regulation requirements for property owners.

California asbestos laws pertaining to building owners:

  • Prior to beginning work, determine the location and quantity of ACM and/or PACM based on the criteria in 1529(k)(1); {ref. 1529(k)(2)(A)}
  • Notify in writing or by personal communication the following or their authorized representatives: {ref. 1529(k)(2)(B)
  • Prospective employers applying or bidding for work and all other employers with employees who will work in or adjacent to areas with such material
  • The building owner’s employees working in or adjacent to these areas; and
  • Tenants who will occupy areas containing such material
  • If they are owners of public and commercial buildings constructed prior to 1979 and know that the building contains asbestos-containing construction materials, provide information to all occupants. For more details view the regulations of the Health & Safety Code, Division 20, Chapter 10.4 Asbestos Notification, 25915-25919.7 at www.leginfo.ca.gov/calaw.html This code is enforced by city or county jurisdictions, not Cal/OSHA.
  • If a school district, are required by the U.S. EPA to have a management plan and surveys of where asbestos is known or presumed to be present. Contact the U.S. EPA Region 9 Asbestos Regional Coordinator for information.
Identifying Asbestos Is Your Responsibility

If you note the very first point above, your key takeaway regarding California asbestos laws is that you are ultimately responsible for obtaining certification of asbestos testing. California law is quite clear on this point. Trust Rarefied Air Environmental for fast, expert certified asbestos testing, protect your home or business from liability and breathe easier today.

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