Residential & commercial environmental testing in San Diego


Environmental Testing Services in San Diego, CA

Learn more about all of Rarefied Air Environmental’s environmental testing services for residential and commercial properties in San Diego, CA

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Our DOSH-certified technicians are state-licensed to perform asbestos survey and generate a formal written report that will indicate what materials contain asbestos at varying levels or the absence of asbestos.

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We can test sewage water, flood water or other degraded water contamination to ensure cleanup, disinfection and testing are successful so the living environment is free of contamination from microbes.

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Dust Mite Sampling

We collect vacuum samples of your pillows, mattresses, couches, etc. to determine the level of dust mites present. If detected in elevated levels, we can develop a plan for you to rid of these allergy-causing pests.

soot and smoke damage testing

Fire, VOCs, & Smoke Particulate

Our independent testing lab technology can test for fire VOC’s and provide a comprehensive remediation protocol to restore a building to its pre-loss condition.

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Lead-Based Paint

Our technicians utilize XRF technology to detect not only lead-based paint on the surface but all layers of paint that may be present under the other layers of paint and deliver instantaneous results. 

mold testing wall


We offer the most comprehensive and technologically advanced mold testing available. Our technicians identify the source of intrusion and provide a comprehensive scope for mold remediation.

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Soot & Smoke

Following a structure fire, there may be lingering contaminants throughout your home and in the air. We can test for contaminants on the remaining materials and in the breathable air that can cause cancer or lingering odors in your home.

bacteria - sewage testing

Total Particulate

We us the Total Particle Analysis to detect the presence of particles collected from the air or surface. Once analyzed, we determine possible causes of the excess dust accumulation so that corrective actions may be taken.

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Asbestos Abatement Affiliates

Contact us today for referrals to licensed abatement contractors in Southern California. We can refer you to abatement companies that consistently perform high-quality and timely asbestos abatement.