Fire VOC’s & Smoke Particulate Testing

in San Diego

After a structure fire or wildfire, toxic byproducts are created as the multitude of building materials and other fuels burn and combust. These byproducts generate volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and toxic microscopic particulate matter which are extremely dangerous to your health and safety. In order to determine what types of contaminants are present within the indoor air and the correct processes to remove them, a post-fire particulate and VOC test needs to be performed.

All to often uneducated restoration practitioners use deodorizers that camouflage smoke odors or treat them with ozone, which can create additional chemical reactions and health risks. Rarefied Air Environmental is the only independent testing lab that has the technology and experience to test for fire VOC’s and provide a comprehensive remediation protocol that restoration contractors can use to restore a building to its pre-loss condition.

Addressing Toxic Smoke Particulates

Restoring Smoke Damaged Textiles

Dioxins – The most hazardous substance in structure fire environments

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