Methamphetamine Testing

Chemical-containing drug residue left behind by the smoking or production of methamphetamine through a lab can have effects on you or your child’s health. We have the ability to test for the presence of methamphetamine chemicals and residue and will deliver results on site. Surface by surface wipe sampling should occur to determine the presence of these chemicals if you believe there may be methamphetamine residue present which is affecting your health.

On Site Analysis

Rarefied Air Environmental can perform a surface by surface inspection throughout a home to determine the presence of methamphetamine residue. Wipe samples are collected and then put through an extraction process. The results of this process are then run through a custom-made device for the analysis of methamphetamine residue called The Black Box Reader®. The Black Box Reader® uses industry leading technology utilizing lateral flow assay and intensity line readings. The data provided of the methamphetamine residue ON SITE has an accuracy of ±50 ng with an average deviation of 9.1%. Large nationwide labs can take weeks to get results which provide data with a 20% deviation!

We only use industry leading technology that will get you answers fast along with a fully comprehensive scope of work to perform any clean up!

Health Effects

The residue left behind from smoking methamphetamine or from the use of a methamphetamine lab can get ingested into the human body by way of the residue through the touch of your skin or the transfer from hand to eyes, nose or mouth. Babies are especially susceptible to methamphetamine residue as they touch several surfaces throughout the day and put their uncleaned hands into their mouths. The ingestion of the drug has similar effects as using the drug just at a smaller scale. Babies take very little exposure to feel the effects of the drug.

Long-time use of the Methamphetamine drug has several adverse side effects such as addiction and neurological damage leading to anxiety, paranoia, depression, insomnia, mood disturbances and schizophrenia. Methamphetamine is also known as one of the most addicting recreational drugs. Although there are little studies done on the effects of methamphetamine residue, the proper clean-up of this residue comes highly recommended for the healthiest living environment.