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CA State Licensed Inspectors for Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Bacteria and More.

Rarefied Air Environmental performs in-depth inspections and provides fully comprehensive reports.

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Asbestos Testing

What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a mineral form that readily separates into fibers that are both strong and resistant to heat. Asbestos was used in several construction products in the U.S most popularly from the 1960’s-1978. Properties built at any

Bacteria/Sewage Backup

On-Site Screen Sampling & Confirmatory Incubated Swab Samples to Test for the Presence of Sewage Contaminants Including E. Coli, Total Coliforms, Enterococcus, Etc. in Your Home, Restaurant and More.

Lead-based Paint Testing in San Diego

CDPH Certified Inspectors Who Perform On-Site XRF Lead-Based-Paint Analysis for City, State and Federal Construction Requirements. Lead Clearance Dust Wipe Sampling, Soil Sampling, Risk Assessments, Air Sampling & More.

Mold Testing

The Most Technologically Advanced, Up-To-Date Site Assessments to Measure Air Quality, Identify Water Intrusion Issues, Moisture Damage and Any Mold Species Associated with Mold Growth in Construction Products. Rarefied Air Environmental Will Perform the Assessment and Provide a Fully Comprehensive Report for Real Estate Transactions, Concerned Homeowners, Work Place Issues, Renovation Projects, City Compliance and More.

Soot & Smoke Testing

Rarefied Air Environmental is Leading a Charge in The Industry for the Most Comprehensive Site Assessments for Soot, VOC’s, Heavy Metals and Other Contaminants Associated with Structure and Wildfires. Our Site Assessment Can Either Measure the Effectiveness of Restoration or Prepare a Plan to Remediate Soot, VOC’s, Heavy Metals and Lingering Odors!

Total Particulate Testing

Not All Allergy-Like Symptoms Are Associated with Mold Growth. Our Experts Can Collect Air or Surface Samples That Will Indicate the Presence of Up to Twenty-Two (22) Different Nuisance Dusts Including but Not Limited To: Fiberglass, Ash/Soot, Dander, Silicates, Pollen, Talc, Insect Parts & More!

Methamphetamine Testing

We have the ability to test for the presence of methamphetamine chemicals and residue and will deliver results on site.

Dust Mite Sampling

10% Of the Human Population and Approximately 80% Of Allergy Sufferers Are Allergic to Proteins That Are Found in The Waste and Decomposed Body Parts Of Dust Mites! Our Experts Can Collect Vacuum Samples of Your Mattress, Furniture, Carpet, Upholsteries and More for Levels of Dust Mite Contamination.


Fire VOC’s & Smoke Particulate Testing

After a structure fire or wildfire, toxic byproducts are created as the multitude of building materials and other fuels burn and combust. These byproducts generate volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and toxic microscopic particulate matter which are extremely dangerous.