What is San Diego’s APCD Rule 1206?

The San Diego Air Pollution Control District is the local agency responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations for asbestos removal and demolition operations.

APCD Rule 1206 is applicable to owners and operators of any renovation or demolition operation and establishes new asbestos requirements for condominiums, as of November 15, 2017. Rule 1206 stipulates:

“An Owner/HOA planning work in a condominium community consisting of more than 4 units needs to test the area(s) where the work will be performed.”

Rule 1206 also defines a “facility” to include condominiums or individual dwelling units, but excludes residential buildings containing four or fewer dwelling units.

What are the requirements of APCD Rule 1206?

Owners/HOAS are required to follow Rule 1206 for all facility renovations “involving at least 100 square feet of regulated asbestos-containing materials on facility components, or 20 cubic feet of materials removed from facility components where the area could not be measured prior to removal, stripping or disturbance. These amounts are known as the “threshold” amounts. If smaller scale projects during any consecutive 365 day-period collectively add up to meet the “threshold” amounts above, these renovations are subject to Rule 1206.

What are the new facility survey requirements, as per APCD Rule 1206?

According to Rule 1206, testing is now required on all buildings considered to be a “facility”, regardless of the age of the building. Rule 1206 also stipulates that any alteration of a facility, including asbestos removal, is a renovation.

Now, in addition to submitting notifications required by Rule 1206 section (e), prior to commencing renovation, a facility survey must be performed to determine whether or not asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), regardless of the facility’s age.

During the inspection, suspect materials that will be removed, stripped or disturbed during renovation or demolition shall be sampled and analyzed for asbestos content. Upon submission of the renovation or demolition notification, a complete copy of the facility survey shall be maintained onsite for the duration of the renovation and shall be made immediately available to the District upon request.

What do building owners need to know about the APCD’s Rule 1206?

Anyone who has control over the renovation of facilities involving at least 100 square feet or 20 cubic feet of Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM) is required to submit an Asbestos Renovation Notice of Intention form to their District at least ten working-days in advance, unless the building is eligible for expedited notification provisions.

If you are planning renovation or demolition of your building and require testing for ACMs, it is absolutely critical for you to contact a qualified asbestos testing company that is familiar with APCD’s Rule 1206.

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