If you’re experiencing a mold problem in your home or building, there are two important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is mold testing truly necessary?
  2. Is mold testing a worthwhile investment?

Why should I get a costly mold inspection?

A mold inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of your home that can uncover issues that may become costly in the future if left unattended. Below, we explain a few reasons why you should consider having your property inspected for mold.

moldy wall

  1. Finding mold requires a trained and experienced eye.
    While home inspectors are generally focused on inspecting the mechanical and structural elements of your home, they are not necessarily looking for common indicators that suggest mold may be hiding. Mold can be incredibly difficult to detect and oftentimes, an otherwise clean house can still pass a home inspection even though mold is present.
  2. Where there’s mold, there may be water damage.
    Mold cannot grow without moisture. With that, the presence of mold usually means that you have excess moisture entering from somewhere. When mold is discovered, it is not uncommon for it to be associated with a previously undiagnosed water leak, drainage issue, or humidity. More importantly, the presence of mold may be a sign of a much larger issue.
  3. A mold inspection can help you create a long-term solution for your mold problem.
    Only an experienced and professional mold technician can truly determine whether the mold growth in your home is an imminent threat to your family and building’s structure. During a mold inspection, your mold technician should not only report on whether or not the existence of toxic mold exists, but also create a comprehensive mold removal plan to help you get rid of existing mold problems and more importantly, prevent mold growth from returning.
  4. A mold inspection may help you identify other potential threats within your home.
    Since a mold inspection should be a comprehensive process, it should cover all parts of your home. During the course of your property’s mold inspection, your mold technician should be inspecting everything from the foundation, to the attic, and all the spaces in between. When checking these spaces, your mold technician may uncover other issues, both related and unrelated to mold. These additional items that may be discovered should be included in your final report.
  5. Mold technicians may see things that a home inspector is simply not trained to identify.
    Unfortunately, not all inspectors are trained to identify the same issues. Home inspectors, through no fault of their own, are simply not trained to identify mold. Mold technicians, on the other hand, focus specifically on mold and mold-related issues.

What are the other benefits of a mold inspection?

A mold inspection is a great opportunity for you to determine whether toxic mold exists within your property and whether your structure requires mold removal. Some additional benefits of a mold inspection include the peace-of-mind knowing that your family, or employees, are safe from harmful mold growth. If your home or building happens to contain toxic mold growth, the mold inspection process will also help you create a comprehensive plan to remove existing mold and reduce the chances that mold may return.

If you believe toxic mold exists within your home or building, you should consult a professional mold inspection company today. Rarefied Air Environmental has been providing commercial and residential home inspections in San Diego for nearly a decade. Our experienced and professional mold technicians can help you determine whether toxic mold exists within your home or building, as well as, help you create a comprehensive plan for mold removal.

Call Rarefied Air Environmental today to learn why we’re a leading mold inspection company in San Diego and to schedule a mold inspection for your residential or commercial property.